I’ve noticed that this blog is still receiving a decent amount of traffic. I’m very glad this is the case, as it means my efforts are not for naught (I do wish people would try to start more discussions, though!). However, as those who are still coming here may have realized, I’m not updating the blog very frequently. In other words, I’ve all but abandoned it.

I’m terribly sorry for that! Fear not, though, I will start posting again in the relatively near future, when I finally start to attend my university studies. As followers of my other blog, the Musings of an Imaginative Mind (also discontinued for the time being, not entirely sure why though I suspect it has something to do with laziness), will know, I’ve moved to Australia with my family. This means that my university studies won’t start up until March. When that time comes, however, I’ll start posting again. The idea with this blog is for it to serve as a study aid to myself and others studying philosophy, and so it’s been temporarily discontinued due to the fact that I’m not currently studying anything. I attempted to keep it going for a while, but I felt like I was trying to pass myself off as a teacher when I’m not yet at all ready to take on such a role. So, while you’re waiting for new material, I encourage you to read my old posts, and start as many discussions as possible to pass the time. Do you agree or disagree with the ideas I’ve talked about in my posts? Do you have any favourite philosophers? Do you feel that I’ve left important information out of some of my posts? Etc.

If you want to talk about some general philosophical problem that doesn’t quite fit into any of my posts, feel free to start it up here!


To Those Still Coming Here


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  1. So sorry to hear that you were only role playing. Just passing the time which is the mordern idea of being civilized. It was merely an illusion of a searching mind who just discovered ,what he wanted is in the drawer.

    • That’s not quite what I was trying to say. I don’t know if I have the right to claim that I have a “searching mind” or not, but I’m definitely still interested in the world of philosophy. However, I’m still young and I’m still learning; I want to make sure I have a firm foundation before I start building on it with fresh ideas. More specifically, I don’t want to be writing an educational blog without some level of guidance from professional, qualified teachers, as I don’t want to spread any misconceptions.

  2. “Intrested “perhaps that is not even a word when it comes to philosophy, gives one a very mediocre impression. As far as guidance from professional is concerned just follow your own inner voice. Think of Socrates who had only his reasoning to rely upon, but see what he was. Friend philosophy is deep water, you cannot just hide behind a women’s petticoat. No excuses what so ever. Have you ever wondered why we have so little natural philosopher, nowadays most of us are academic philosophers. Yes they all say the same thing ,”guidance”. And who gives them guidance Oh these state owned university. Your course structure, decided by a state owned salaried person. Your proffesor who teaches you …..Nietzse has quoted”Every profession makes you thoughtless”Oh I forgot I myself have adopted philosophy as a profession ,how very silly of me. Not everyone has brains enough for pursuing philosophy. A think rare in itself as it is most difficult. You come to a stage when you become enigmatical for others. So what do u achieve, privation,total solitude which leads to the greatest tragedy of every brilliant mind. Yes you know but what’s the use mentioning. A wiseman only needs a hint.

    • Alright, you’re fully entitled to your own opinions. As a rule, I try not to compare myself to Socrates, as he was a genius and I’m a teenager who has yet to start his university studies – for him, the best course of action was evidently to follow his own reason, whereas I think I’m better off learning from those who came before me for the time being. The state owned university I’m about to attend may not be perfect, but it will provide me with a decent education. For now, I’m quite happy to follow this particular path.

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