Say hello to a new blogger!


Hi folks!

I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a proper post, just a little note to anyone who happens to stop by. I will start posting again soon, as my university studies will be starting in just under a month, whereupon I’ll be learning about the “philosophy of happiness”, and hopefully sharing that learning with you. I might actually write a couple of posts before that, just to get my brain back in gear. If you have any suggestions for good topics, give ’em up in the comments!

Anyway, what I wanted to say was this; my friend just started a blog! Now, the similarities between our blogs are not great. This is a philosophy blog, and his is a gaming blog. However, he’s a clever guy and his first post on the controversial ending of the third installment of the Mass Effect series is highly philosophical. I encourage anyone with an interest in gaming to go check out his blog,, and maybe leave a pleasant comment or two for him to read. He’s got a wonderfully weird sense of humour, too.

Hej svej!


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