The purpose of this blog is simple; to ask questions, primarily of a philosophical nature, and to seek answers to those questions. Inevitably, I’ll end up trying to convince you of one thing or another, but really it’s the questions that are the most important. I urge you to never take my word for granted, no matter how correct I seem to be and no matter how convincing my arguments seem on paper. I want you to think. Hopefully, you’ll agree with what I say even after reflecting on it. If not, I sincerely hope you’ll take the time to have a little discussion with me. I can assure you I won’t bite!


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  1. Hello there. Would you mind if I used the image of Zeno of Cittius with the words “Keep calm and carry on” on a t-shirt? I would just have the t-shirt made for myself; I would not attempt to sell or market it.

  2. I had a question i cant quite put together. What do you think that d’Holbach would say about how protests arise? and also Do you think that Sartre would refer to protests as a “contagion?”. Your input will be highly valued

    • Hey Alex! I’m afraid I haven’t read much of either of those philosopher’s works – a bit of Sartre but no d’Holbach. If I ever get round to studying them, I’ll hopefully remember your question 🙂

Your input is valued highly

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